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What does success look like in an urban fellowship?

“This work that we do is not an academic exercise or a battle that can be won with Census data. Creating meaningful change is a slow and nuanced process that requires a deep and personal level of understanding based in both data and personal experience.” -SC2 Fellow Gretchen Moore.

“Gone are the days when one group thinks they can change the city alone. It is my belief that unintentionally, the City of Memphis, along with local nonprofits, area fortune 500 companies, and colleges has reinvented the concept of synergy. Understanding the impact of one entity is small, slight at best, but the collective power of collaboration and shared resources pack the greatest punch against economic, educational, and environmental challenges.” -SC2 Fellow Bernice Butler.

“Instrumental to my success were bosses who held me to high standards, colleagues who selflessly shared their expertise, and my persistence in tackling problems until they were solved. In times of doubt, I focused on improving a situation for stakeholders — either city employees and retirees or residents in general.” -SC2 Fellow Jennifer Terry.

Watch Graig Donnelly talks about his definitions of success for the Detroit Revitalization Fellows.

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